Principle Imaging Corporation, an early stage, Montana-based Delaware Corporation was founded in early 2016 with the charter to develop advanced radiographic imaging modalities based on combining the latest in emerging x-ray source, detector and positioner technologies with visualization-system and AI (artificial intelligence) computer science. Our products will find use in the global equine and companion animal market, as well as specific segments of the human health care markets.

Founded by long time friends and imaging system development veterans, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Gary R. Cantu and well known technologist John Cox, Ph.D., they have brought together a senior team of experts and an extended team of professional consultants from across the country, as well as an active and talented board of directors and medical advisory board.

Our first product, the LS-1 linear Scanner, was conceived and prototyped in 2016, optimized based on initial results, and refined into a commercial design. It is entering final engineering development, manufacturing, and early-adopter beta site placement in late Q2, 2017. The staff has funded this early development, produced a rich portfolio of patent applications, and created a multi-year road map of significant products.

Located in the heart of Bozeman, Montana, the Company plans to establish a major employment opportunity for the community, as well as developing a close partnering relationship with Montana State University and Washington State University, Pullman to engage students and faculty in our product and applications development efforts. Surrounded by the majesty of the Bridger Mountains and the verdant Gallatin Valley, the area blends a high quality of life with the emergence of a growing high technology business sector, and the vibrance of a college community and welcoming downtown. Founder Cantu is a past (95-98) and present resident of Montana, and has been involved in growing local technology incubators and corporate partnering relationships from prior endeavors.

The company also maintains development facilities in Silicon Valley California and several East Coast locations.