Kerri Marshall, DVM joins PIC

Kerri Marshall, DVM joins PIC as Board Member and Consulting Chief Customer Experience Officer 

Today, Principle Imaging announces that it has added Kerri Marshall, DVM, MBA to the founding board and  extended executive staff.  Dr. Marshall has a long history of helping successful animal health and veterinary organizations build and scale through technology.  Dr. Marshall’s focus with technology has consistently been the “customer experience”.  She is currently the Chief Veterinary Officer and Board Member of BabelBark®, a fast growing company which built a platform to provide pet owners with connections to pet businesses and move veterinary engagement outside the four walls of the hospital.   She was the principal inventor on two patents for a veterinary direct pay system called Trupanion Express™ for Trupanion, Medical Insurance for Pets, and their Executive Vice President of Customer Experience.  This invention disrupted the previous “reimbursement” model of pet insurance in North America and Trupanion had a successful IPO in 2014. Her career transition from veterinary practice and management to technology began at Banfield where she led the design and testing of Banfield’s proprietary software system, PetWare®  and was listed on the patent for the “Record Sharing” technology allowing medical records and Optimum Wellness Plans® to be transferred between any of the over 900 Banfield practices in under a minute.  Banfield was purchased by Mars, Inc while she was Sr. Director of Medical Informatics in 2007.  She has continually kept herself current with Health Information Technology from human healthcare and has given countless lectures at major veterinary and human healthcare conferences.

“We are very pleased to have Dr. Marshall join the PIC board as she adds a laser focus on Customer Experience, has deep previous experience in digital radiology, PACS, and custom RIS building experience, proven ability to successfully execute sustainable technology, and on top of that she is an avid equine endurance rider with her current horse Khurlee Kharma the third generation of this line of endurance Arabian she has owned”, says Gary Cantu, President and CEO of Principle Imaging,Corp. “With the image size and content of our new imaging platform, the leveraging of advanced post processing and AI are a key informatics platform component we must develop. Kerri is among a small group of veterinary informaticists that can help us architect and manage the technical development if the applications, while maintaining focus on ease-of-use and customer and client experience”.

“Principle Imaging, Inc is not just another “radiology company”, it will disrupt the practice of equine medicine entirely and potentially add new dimensions to human health care and companion animal medicine.  There have historically been many areas of the horse that are a “black box”, meaning we have poor or no visualization due to deep tissue and scatter. In addition, standing modalities are much safer than those requiring anesthesia and recumbency and will allow expanded use of advanced imaging. The same is true of many applications in human health and companion animal medicine.  Principle Imaging is dedicated to bringing new technology to the market to ensure veterinarians and physicians have the information they need to solve critical medical problems in a timely fashion ” says Dr. Marshall. “Their focus in clearly on leveraging advanced technology for efficacy, workflow efficiency, and outcome improvement.”

About Principle Imaging, Corp.

Founded in 2016, PIC is focused on advanced clinical and mobile 2D and 3D modalities and visualization systems, medical informatics, and AI (artificial intelligence) applications to deliver advanced  clinician decision support for the animal and human health care markets.


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