Introducing the LS-1

The LS-1 Scanner, the first in the PIC Symphony(™) series, represents a major breakthrough in automated, large format, core-body imaging, and launches the first product in an entirely new generation of advanced equine imaging products.

a new generation of imaging

About the LS-1

You now have the power to visualize areas of the anatomy that are difficult or impossible to see with current products. Faster exam times with our automated positioning system reduce staff required. All with better results from leveraging AI-based value-added decision support information. Maximize productivity, profitability and outcomes with the LS-1.

You can capture the entire anatomy you need in one study:

  • Head and Cervical Spine
  • Skeletal and Spine
  • Abdomen
  • Pulmonary/Cardiovascular
  • Dental
  • Theriogenology

The large scan field captures up to 100” wide x 72” high, virtually any anatomic region of the standing horse in less than 2 minutes.

For the first time, easily see diagnostic details in difficult areas, in minutes. The LS-1 helps improve outcomes and increases client satisfaction.

The LS-1 is the first imaging system to focus on whole body visualization. In order to see deep into the equine anatomy, the LS-1 uses a precision, narrow-fan-beam x-ray source and highly collimated single-line, high-sensitivity x-ray detector to virtually eliminate image degradation caused by incident scatter. The narrow-beam source also reduces overall dose to patient and surrounding staff.

Our earliest prototype images validated the science, and our production images will define the standard large-field imaging with a 20-25X improvement from our prototype.

a new generation of imaging

  • Skull (ethmoid turbinates, nasal turbinates, guttural pouch, ocular, etc)
  • Cervical Spine
  • Thoracic Spine
  • Scapulo-humeral joint
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Pelvis
Download the LS-1 Brochure